Adrienne Daly: Lifestyle Nutrition Coach

When I was studying to become a Transformational Nutrition Coach, I knew I was different. I had a platform that nobody had heard of or understood. I had the secret to balanced hormones, weight loss, clear skin, amazing energy and immunity against viral infections…It was Paleo. I went through a period of time where the people I loved or thought would definitely be my clients, told me I need to “drop the Paleo nonsense”, at least on paper and don’t use the word…And I did. Paleo set me free. And I stand behind it as a lifestyle, meaning, it’s more than just eating all the bacon you can imagine. It’s caring where your food comes from and how it’s handled. How the people handling it are treated and supporting farmers markets and local growers. Words like organic, fair trade, shade grown, grass fed and non-GMO are important on labeling. I’ve gone down every rabbit hole of reading, podcasting and experimenting with cooking. I was driven by the likes of Nell Stephenson, aka, ‘Paleoista.’ Robb Wolf of The ‘Paleo Solution and Clark Danger of ‘The Paleohacks’ podcast to name a few of my earlier influences.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.09.01 PMBeing free of processed sugary foods, not ignoring the signs of food intolerances and taking responsibility for my food preparation, has truly turned my life around. I owe that all to the Paleo way of eating. My skin is clear. I feel balanced in my mood, no swings! I’m confident like I’ve never known, and open to personal development and growth because my eating and health are tied into my core values. I teach that to my clients. As a rookie figure competitor, I am 100% Paleo and not only proud of it but achieving great gains as a result. Absolutely no need for grains and oats AND thanks to Paleo Pro, I don’t compromise my nutrition with casein, whey or soy. I’m so proud to be a Paleo Pro sponsored athlete. Staying true to my ”health” self and fueling my body for performance.

With a NSL Figure Masters category win, I’ve gone from Transformation Coach, to Champion Lifestyle Nutrition Coach! My Paleo self is still evolving and my athletic journey has just begun!

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