AdventureSportsNetwork. Taste Test: Minimal-Ingredient, Responsibly Sourced Protein From PaleoPro

Adventure Sports Network writer Kailee Bradstreet not only taste tested our product, but she also got the opportunity to speak with the founders of our company.  Click the link to read her killer article recapping the experience: Adventure Sports Network Link to Article

“Regardless of whether you identify with the Paleo diet and lifestyle, just about anyone with a health-conscious eye to sourcing their food can appreciate PaleoPro’s minimal ingredient list (most of their protein powders have about 5 or 6 total ingredients, all of which are easily pronounceable and recognizable).”

​The article raves about Paleo Recovery Powder and Paleo Greens Powder, as both were put to the test reviewing their ingredients, flavor and texture.

Summing up the article Kailee states, “All in all, PaleoPro’s emphasis on minimal, responsibly-sourced and nutrient-dense ingredients seems to be paying off.” Teasing the newest product to come, along with sharing the new season flavors for the fall and holiday.

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