DINE Magazine – Looking for a Paleo Protein Powder?

DINE Magazine posted an article titled “Looking For A Paleo Protein Powder?” Where they reviewed our Chocolate Protein Powder, Bone Broth and Greens.

Writer Nicolas Wright hooks you in with the first line, “You may have tried whet protein, pea protein, hemp protein… but have you tried a protein made from beef? I didn’t even know this was an option, but PaleoPro made it a reality.”

Our Protein Powder received a rave review, “The chocolate tastes great, but if we are being completely honest you need to mix the unflavored version with something with a strong taste, so this would be great in smoothies. Even more impressive than what’s in their products is what ISN’T.”

When talking about out Bone Broth Nicolas paraphrases a friend saying, ” The product looked ‘phenomenal’ and that [his friend] has been unable to find grass fed pasture raised beef bone broth collagen anywhere before.”

Checkout the full article HERE.

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