Doug Smith of Paleo Pro Interviewed for Paleo Magazine Radio!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Doug’s injury that led to reevaluating his diet and health practices.
  • The events that led to the founding of Paleo Pro. 
  • Using science to understand and obtain better health in our unnatural lives. 
  • More about Doug’s trip to Kurdistan, the car accident and the healing process.
  • The smooth path to the creation of Paleo Pro after founding True Nutrition. 
  • Why Doug is not crazy about the term ‘Paleo’. 
  • Paleo Pro’s most popular and bestselling products. 
  • What differentiates Paleo Pro’s products from the rest of the market. 
  • Some of the new products that are launching soon; coffee and bars. 
  • Protein powders and which one to choose when making your selection.
  • Using collagen for the correct thing and steering clear of using it as protein. 
  • Some things on the horizon for Doug and Paleo Pro!
  • And much more!

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