EggNog Holiday Smoothie

Lauren O’Connor of Nutri Savvy Health featured a Paleo Pro EggNog Holiday Smoothie Recipe on Instagram.

Lauren is a Los Angeles based registered dietitian. Besides authoring her own blog, she is a health writer, menu developer and nutritional consultant with articles and recipes in numerous publications including Food & Nutrition magazine, Shape, Redbook, Livestrong, AZCentral and DietsinReview.

Writes Lauren:

“I’ve been seeing eggnog in quite a few recipes lately and decided to use the flavor for a recipe of my own. Here’s a #holiday smoothie I whipped up with @paleoproproducts Egg Nog Protein Powder. And it came out soooo good. yum // A match made in heaven: #mintnchip meets #eggnog it’s got plenty of greens and is a protein-packed option I really love!”
Simple recipe: womanegg //

•1 Tbsp cashew Butter
•2 tsp maple syrup
•2tsp coconut cream
•2 fresh mint leaves (+ 2 more for garnish)
•1/2 inch fennel bulb
•1 handful baby spinach leaves
•1 1/2 cups almond milk
•1 scoop PaleoPro Egg Nog Protein Powder
•2-3 tsp cocoa nibs

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