Paleo Chocolaty Green Smoothie

by Adrienne Daly

This is a great, sweet “tasting” shake. Pre-workout, Post-workout or Meal replacement. I don’t encourage fruit in shakes unless this is post workout and adding muscle is your goal or perhaps you are carb-cycling. When weight loss is your goal…the fruit needs to be kept to a minimum. Definitely use the Almond milk suggestion if having as a meal replacement. Enjoy!

Can replace any meal( please don’t add fruit)
1 heaping scoop Ancient Cacao Paleo Pro protein powder
2 handfuls Spinach, Kale, etc..
1 heaping tbsp Almond butter
1+ cups Water or Almond milk(Please NO Dairy or Soy milk)
½ small Avocado
½ of whole lime, peeled.
Ice optional

Calories 355
Fat 18.5
Carb 18.5
Protein 32.6

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