Paleo Pro featured in Live In Limbo

Live In Limbo writer Sean Chin posted TASTE AND TEST: PALEO PRO PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS article in October 14th where he talks about PaleoPro being the “solution to the paleo athletes dilemma.”


​”After a hard workout, the Recovery powder is a must. It’s unique in that it contains sweet potatoes and egg whites and is packed with Vitamin A, C, B-complex. This is the perfect glycogen replenishment source.”

Sean shared his views on Bone Broth, listing the health benefits and how he is utilizing PaleoPro to speed up his ankle recovery through marathon training.

“​Overall, I am really impressed with the high quality and effectiveness of PaleoPro’s entire line of products. If you’re a person following the paleo diet or someone who cant tolerate dairy, these are the protein powders for you.”

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