PaleoPro featured on highlighted Paleo Pro in their 6th Annual Trend Report from food industry expert Mareya Ibrahim titled:

Top 8 Healthy Food & Beverage Trends for 2018

Aliso Viejo, California – December 4th, 2017. When I started in the food industry 26 years ago, I could never have imagined the number of options that would one day be available. These days, you get to choose from over 35,000 products and navigate a sea of new food terminology and complicated “labelese” vast enough to make your eyes glaze over like Cronuts (wait, that trend was, like, so 5 years ago). With all of these products that claim to be good for you, plus the growing amount of food documentaries jockeying for your attention, it’s hard to know what to eat anymore, for fork’s sake!

For six years, I have accurately predicted the Top Eight Healthy Food and Beverage Trends, and once again I’m here to help you break through the “bull” like a master butcher. In 2018, we’re returning to food basics, going in deep with collagen and rediscovering the cherry – it’s not just for pie anymore. This year, start with your gut and you’ll soon be navigating the aisles like a pro.


Paleo diets put protein on a pedestal, and now, collagen is getting its turn in the spotlight. Think of it as the “glue” for your hair, skin, nails, bones, tendons and ligaments, with a full spectrum of amino acids to support hormone production, a healthy metabolism, cell regeneration and your “bow chicka wow wow” drive. Collagen production drops significantly after the age of 35, so as the Boomers age and everyone searches for the fountain of youth, its popularity will surely skyrocket. In 2018, look for collagen products in the form of flavored bone broth powders from Paleo Pro, and heat-and-sip organic beverages from Bru with greens, turmeric, beets and other anti-inflammatories. You’ll also see beauty boosting collagen added as a flour substitute into products like waffles and pancakes and as a protein option at your local smoothie bar.



Thank you, Mareya!

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