PaleoPro featured on New Hope Network

New Hope Network featured Paleo Pro Bone Broth Aztec Vanilla Collagen in the article:

Protein Plays Across The Store

Protein-boosted products are garnering sales velocity in nearly every grocery store category. Here’s how brands are stoking excitement with cleaner protein sources, trendy add-ins and more.

Jenna Blumenfeld | Mar 06, 2018

PaleoPro Grass-Fed Bone Broth Collagen with Turmeric Root
A protein powder formulated and branded for followers of the paleo diet, this vanilla-flavored, monk fruit-sweetened powder features pasture-raised grass-fed beef collagen for a total 16 grams protein per 18-gram scoop, and turmeric root powder to support a healthy inflammation response. Also available in single-serve, take-along packets, the California-based company PaleoPro makes it easy for the CrossFit set (or those with chronic digestion issues who eschew dairy, sugar, soy and gluten) to consume more clean protein conveniently. SRP: $39.99


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