Which Products Can Be Enjoyed Hot?

Well it’s winter – there’s no getting around it. When it’s cold outside it’s sure nice to have a hot beverage to warm us up – coffee, hot chocolate, savory soups – even better if those things are actually good for you right?

The good news is that many PaleoPro® products can be enjoyed HOT or COLD, but some should always be served cold for one good reason – Egg White Protein. These products contain egg white and should always be served cold:

These products are delicious both HOT and COLD, in fact many are even better as hot beverages:

Serving Suggestions

  • Add hot water or nut milk for a delicious hot chocolate with our Bone Broth or Protein+ Ancient Cacao flavors.
  • Enjoy our unflavored Plain Naked Bone Broth as a tasty beef broth.
  • Use Aztec Vanilla Bone Broth or Protein+ as a creamer in coffee.
  • Add our Multi-Collagen to anything w/o affecting taste.

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