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I’ve been searching for a protein powder and finally found one that does not contain whey, soy or any form or sweetener! Paleo Pro Naked is perfect for my palate. I add a scoop to my coffee and it blends perfectly without changing the flavor and makes my coffee a perfect breakfast (combo of proteins, fat carbs) before working out. Thank you Paleo Pro!

-SV MOM / Protein Powder


I really like the ingredients. I follow a lectin free keto style diet. Today I added Paleo Greens to my matcha tea. This combo created a satisfying afternoon treat! I am excited to try this product with some of my favorite veggies and avocado. I know I will be reordering soon!

Rosina / Greens Powder

I have tried many different brands of bone broth powder and they all taste horrible. This is the first one that I can honestly say tastes amazing!!! It taste like melted vanilla ice cream, not to mention how foamy and creamy it gets when blended in my bullet. Oh and its also GRASS FED, PASTURE RAISED, AND NON GMO! Will be purchasing again, thank you!!!

ELtem / Bone Broth Collagen