386: Doug Smith from Paleo Pro & True Nutrition Discusses Bio Individual Nutrition

This week on the podcast Leah and Amber are back again and chatting with Doug Smith, Co-Founder & CEO of Paleo Pro & True Nutrition. True Nutrition allows fully customizable dietary supplement and food powders. Paleo Pro  is committed to making purposeful and delicious ‘real-food’ paleo powders using only the highest quality ingredients available.

We discuss why Doug founded Paleo Pro and True Nutrition and  the importance of bio individual nutrition. He experienced first hand many health issues with friends and family arising from poor nutrition. Doug shares his thoughts on mono crops such as corn, wheat and soy and their impact on our health and the economy. We love his philosophy on getting back to nature and eating real food. So many people are disconnected from where their food comes from these days and Doug wants people to start connecting back to the source, read labels, and empower yourself with knowledge! Next we look at the Neanderthal diet – is this closely related to the Carnivore diet of today before finishing up with a new plant based protein- fermented wood. Would you drink a fermented wood protein shake?

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