It's no secret that here at Paleo Pro, we're sweet on those nutritious orange-hued veggies called sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are the shining star of our Paleo Recovery Powder for good reason, so we obviously think you should fancy them too. Why? Don't worry, we're about to let you know!    
  • They're Paleo (duh!)
  Unlike white potatoes, sweet potatoes are considered paleo-friendly. For this, you can thank their low glycemic index, high amounts of fiber, potassium, vitamins (particularly vitamin A and beta carotene), and minerals, and low amounts of sodium. While sweet potatoes are still a starchy carb source, the benefits of their consumption have been known to far outweigh the negatives. As an added benefit, these yummy veggies are also safe for individuals following the autoimmune protocol since they are excluded from the nightshade family (unlike white potatoes.)    
  • They're a great source of energy.
  While carbs get a nasty reputation in most diets, muscles require them for energy. With one cup of sweet potato packing 27g of carbohydrates, they're an excellent source. Sweet potatoes are also considered a complex carb, which helps restore glycogen levels and prevent that post-workout crash. Since they are also high in fiber, fueling up on sweet potatoes can help you feel fuller longer and prevent those dreaded snack attacks on less healthy options.    
  • They may help prevent muscle cramps & spasms.
  With over 300mg in a medium-sized one, sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium, which is an electrolyte that plays a key part in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, and makes it crucial for proper digestive and muscle function.    
  • They're great for post-workout recovery!
  Sweet potatoes are highly packed with calcium, and iron, and are high in beta carotene, which, together with other essential antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E, helps with protect cells and muscles recover and regenerate. In fact, with inclusion in both it's flesh and skins, sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A than carrots, and are the best natural source for beta carotene, as they provide more than any other fruit or vegetable. The more color a sweet potato has, the higher it's content of beta carotene is.   Reap all of these benefits more conveniently than ever with our gluten free, all natural Paleo Recovery Powder! Not sure where to start? Shake it up or include it in a recipe like this one:

Chocolate Chip Sweet Potato Pancakes by @kalefornia_kitchen

Mix 1/2 cup protein pancake mix @kodiakcakes + 1 scoop paleo recovery sweet potato powder (made with air-dried sweet potato) @paleoproproducts + 1 - 1 1/2 cups water (until thick but smooth consistency) + a few dairy free chocolate chips and cook in coconut oil spray + topped with raspberries + blueberries + peanut cashew super butter @wild_friends+ coconut grainless granola @paleopassionfoods
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